Into the Stillness

Stillness in Concert helps you unwind from the rush of daily life. The compositions, rooted in Neo classical music, are skillfully composed and performed by Kay Sleking, an Amsterdam-based musician with a diverse background spanning classical, jazz, minimal, and world music genres.


Stillness in Concert

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The album

The music of this album transcends the noise of everyday life, posing questions and providing answers that resonate with us all. Its notes shimmer and dance, flowing gently but powerfully through everything they touch. The music of Kay Sleking exudes the sense of spaciousness and tranquility.



Music has the power to bestow a sense of calmness and vitality

“Music has consistently been my guiding light, helping me navigate the highs and lows of everyday life, whether I’m performing or simply listening. When music resonates deeply within, it creates a sanctuary, providing a personal space while simultaneously linking us to the world around us. Witnessing people touched by my music brings me immense joy, as it underscores the essence of human connection.”

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