Stillness in Concert

Photo by Rob van Dam


Stillness in Concert helps you unwind from the rush of daily life. The compositions, rooted in Neo classical music, are skillfully composed and performed by Kay Sleking, a musician with a diverse background spanning classical, jazz, minimal, and world music genres.

The music of this album transcends the noise of everyday life, posing questions and providing answers that resonate with us all. Its notes shimmer and dance, flowing gently but powerfully through everything they touch. The music of Kay Sleking exudes the sense of spaciousness and tranquility.

In a time where it's difficult to find moments of stillness and concentration, this album offers a rare oasis. It invites to come to our senses from the chaos and immerse ourselves in its serene soundscape. Listening to it, we can reconnect with ourselves and the world around us, finding a sense of calm that is all too rare these days. This album is truly a Stillness in Concert.

Mixing & mastering by Benjamin Rheinländer

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Photo by Rob van Dam

About Kay Sleking

Kay Sleking has a unique cultural background as he has roots in both the Netherlands and Kenya. Kay followed his passion for music by studying at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam and later Rotterdam. Kay is always exploring his horizon through music and visual arts. His paintings inspired him to compose for the guitar. In his music and art, Kay creates a sense of spaciousness, dynamism and stillness, that reflects his unique view of the world. He loves to inspire other musicians too, to look further than their own horizon as their teacher and mentor. He also hopes to inspire his listeners as well.

About this album

The music of this album is inspired by his childhood living in the Bijlmer, a suburb of Amsterdam. There he was in search for stillness, due by the estranged environment. He found a new world in the music of Scarlatti, Bach, Baden Powell, Satie and Villa Lobos. The influence of these classical composers lingered in his mind wherever he went, interacting with the spacious surroundings of the suburb, its anonymous apartment buildings and the diversity of people. This fusion of music, the people and the concrete and functional infrastructure of the area gave Kay's world a futuristic and poetic character.

Thank you for the space you create with your compositions and the opportunity to listen there. Beautiful!

The guitar remains a miracle.

The conversation with the Bohemian is my favorite for now and The Tides invite me to move gently. Cool! Sjef

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Beautiful Kay, makes space in my head.

Thank you, Gabrielle

Heart Calligraphy Swash

I like it very much Kay!

And I could study well on it,

especially liked intertwining!

The other ones too, ofcourse ;) Bloem

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Beautiful, Kay! Music for the soul.

Sincere beauty. Joan

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Photo by Menno van der Meulen



With Stillness in Concert I go back to the source, my childhood in the Bijlmer. As a child I spent hours in my room listening to the music of Scarlatti, Mozart, Baden Powell and Bach. I found it enchanting and estranged, this music from another universe.


The inner street, a public corridor on the first floor that connects both residential blocks of the flat, was conceived as a bustling promenade full of entertainment. In the end, a greater contrast could not have been possible. Where no grass grows, you will find beauty in potential.

Soul Song (for Janny)

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"Music has the power to bestow a sense of calmness and vitality"